In cel mai recent numar al revistei Entertainment Weekly, Stephen King a dezvaluit top-ul filmelor lui preferate din 2010. In 2008, faimosul scriitor a ales The Dark Knight pentru primul loc, iar anul trecut The Hurt Locker [castigatorul Premiului Oscar] a fost filmul lui preferat. In 2010, filmul lui preferat a fost unul horror, desigur 😀

Iata care sunt filmele preferate din 2010 ale lui Stephen King:

10. Green Zone [“One Iraq war movie that puts story and suspense above shrill outrage.”]

9. Jackass 3D

8. Monsters

7. Splice

6. Kick-Ass

5. Takers [“This satisfyingly complex cops-‘n’-robbers movie features great performances and the armored-car heist is the best action sequence I’ve seen this year.”]

4. The Social Network [“Succeeds where Michael Douglas’ ‘Wall Street’ sequel fails.”]

3. Inception

2. The Town [“Bad title, fantastic movie. A strangely intimate film.”]

1. Let Me In