Image and video hosting by TinyPicPentru a promova filmul Zoolander 2, care are premiera pe 12 februarie 2016, Penelope Cruz si Ben Stiller sunt vedetele numarului din februarie 2016 al revistei Vogue S.U.A.

Personajul Derek Zoolander mi s-a parut mereu foarte penibil, dar asta a fost si scopul lui [sper]. Ben Stiller este insa un actor care imi place mult si sunt curioasa cum o sa fie rolul lui Penelope Cruz in Zoolander 2.

“It wasn’t like a slam-dunk movie idea. For the most part, we were on our own—both in the fashion world and with the studio, too. They were just like, ‘We don’t quite know what this is,’” a declarat Stiller despre primul film.

“I’m one of those people who’s seen the first Zoolander four or five times. I’ve done comedy in Spain, in my own language, but I’ve always said I want to do more comedies in English. I do all these intense dramas, and all my characters are always suffering. For many reasons I need to once in a while do a crazy comedy,” a adaugat Penelope Cruz. - Image - Image - Image - Image Upload