Eva Longoria va fi protagonista adaptarii bestesller-ului scris de Isabel Allende, The House of Spirits!

FilmNation Entertainment va produce filmul, in care Longoria va juca rolul lui Blanca Trueba, una dintre femeile pasionale si curajoase care a condus destinul familiei sale, timp de mai multe generatii.

The House of the Spirits este o saga de familie care prezinta vietile extraordinare ale trei generatii de femei ale familiei Trueba. Plasata intr-o tara sud-americana izolata, aceasta drama atemporala, presarata cu elemente de Realism Magic, ne va duce intr-o calatorie epica despre destin, intriga, iubire si noroc, de-a lungul secolului 20.

Francisca Alegría si Fernanda Urrejola vor scrie scenariul, iar Alegría va regiza filmul.

It’s truly an honor to bring one of Isabel Allende’s iconic works to the screen for audiences worldwide alongside FilmNation, Francisca, and Fernanda. This is a story rich in themes of family, love, and magic. I am excited to show the world the beauty, creativity, and masterclass talent that our community continues to produce,” a declarat Longoria.

It’s an honor to be adapting Isabel Allende’s The House of the Spirits. I am a devout admirer of her work and her as an artist, and this novel is such a fundamental piece of Latin American culture. Isabel was ahead of her time, just like the female protagonists of the story, and I feel that today, 40 years later, we can actually understand and integrate the deeply complex threads of their powerful lineage. Fernanda and I are beyond excited to be developing this series with our wonderful producers at FilmNation and to have the exceptional Eva Longoria starring as Blanca,” a adaugat Alegría.