Gabriel Bateman, tanarul actor din Child’s Play, s-a alaturat distributiei filmului Unhinged, in care va juca alaturi de Russell Crowe (The Loudest Voice in the Room) si Caren Pistorius (Mortal Engines).

Scris de Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia), noul thriller va fi regizat de Derrick Borte (American Dreamer); Caren Pistorius va juca rolul unei tinere care devine tinta unui barbat plin de furie (Russell Crowe), care isi pierde cumpatul pe autostrada.

Caren has that magical thing seen in all great actresses, you just believe she’s inhabiting the skin of the character she’s playing. Derrick went through a long casting process that culminated in an old school audition with both of us in the room. She claimed that audition in a definitive way. I know she’s been working a long time and has some great credits, but casting Caren still feels like we’ve made a discovery. It’s exciting,” a declarat Crowe.

Unhinged va avea premiera la finalul anului 2020.