Nu stiu ce ati facut voi in timpul carantinei, dar actorii Dave Franco si sotia sa, Alison Brie, au scris un film!

Cei doi sunt unul dintre cele mai dragalase si de durata cupluri de la Hollywood (din prezent); sunt impreuna din 2012 si s-au casatorit in 2017. “It’s a genre that we both love, but when we looked at the landscape of rom-coms over the past decade, it feels like the bar is set really low. There’s a trend where rom-coms have an overly bright aesthetic and the concepts are really silly and the acting isn’t grounded. We looked back on classics like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman…When you look at those films, you remember how grounded they are and how great the acting is,” a declarat actorul de 35 de ani despre comedia romantica pe care a scris-o alaturi de Alison.

Franco tocmai si-a facut debutul regizoral cu The Rental, un thriller/ horror in care joaca si sotia sa. “She’s a unique actor in the way that she’s able to balance heavy drama with moments of levity, and it was just so comforting for me to have her there through the process. As a first-time director, there were moments where I would get in my head and start to doubt myself. It was invaluable to have her there to build me up when I needed to be, and to remind me that we were doing good work,” a martusit acesta.