Ambulance este un nou thriller plin de actiune regizat de Michael Bay (13 Hours), cu Jake Gyllenhaal (The Guilty) si Yahya Abdul-Mateen (Candyman) in rolurile principale.

Inspirat de filmul danez din 2005 cu acelasi nume, Ambulance spune povestea unui soldat veteran (Abdul-Mateen) ghinionist, care accepta ajutorul “fratelui” sau (Gyllenhaal) pentru a face rost de 231.000 $, pentru operatia sotiei sale. Solutia acestuia: sa jefuiasca o banca si sa fure 32 de milioane de $.

Actiunea noului film scris de Chris Fedak (Chuck) are loc in decursul unei zile, in Los Angeles; Eiza González, Garret Dillahunt si Devan Long fac parte si ei din distributie.

A lot of the movie I’m in an ambulance, so there’s not a lot of space (laughs),” Gyllenhaal told the paper last month. “There are a lot of scenes where I’m just being thrown around an ambulance and I’ve got to say, that gave me even more respect for first responders because there are so many sharp edges in an ambulance nobody thinks about when it’s driving as fast it is. I’d heard all these amazing stories about Michael Bay and what it’s like working with him,” he added. “He’s wild, man, but I adore him. Driving around the streets of L.A. at like 100 mph, shooting guns at helicopters. There are many stories out of that movie that are really fun and crazy,” a declarat Jake Gyllenhaal pentru USA Today.

Ambulance va avea premiera pe 18 februarie 2021.