Dupa cum am tot scris, Festivalul de Film Sundance este unul dintre preferatele mele, un festival de film important si extrem de interesant la care sper sa ajung in aceasta viata. Dar, cum este atat de departe (Utah, S.A.U.) si in 2023 nu pot decat sa citesc cronicile filmelor care debuteaza in cadrul acestui festival si impresiile pe care le-au facut criticilor de film si audientei in general.

Asadar, haideti sa aflam impreuna care au fost cele mai apreciate filme din cadrul Festivalul de Film Sundance 2023, daca si de cine au fost achizitionate acestea si multe altele:

Fair Play, unul dintre cele mai asteptate filme, s-a bucurat de cronici grozave, primind chiar nota A (10 la noi) de la IndieWire: “The filmmaking is slickly brutal to match Domont’s ever-shifting allegiances, with the austere outsides photographed by Menno Mans matching the cold insides of the people onscreen. Yet for all its moments set in corporate spaces and places devoid of all life, there’s hot blood running under “Fair Play,” which has at least one more profoundly debasing sex scene to match the not-so-cold open. By the end of this steamy, razor-wired, barking-mad movie — you’ll understand that last bit once you see it — you realize that these two deserve each other, and we’re more than happy to merrily go to hell with them.

In plus, Owen Gleiberman de la Variety lauda filmul pentru ca are multe de zis despre lumea post #MeToo si ca se distreaza foarte mult facand asta. “It’s one of the rare Sundance films that could totally break through in the real world. And in an age when movies like ‘Tár’ and ‘The Fabelmans’ have struggled, that makes it a special commodity.

The Guardian ii acorda filmului 4/5 stele, mentionand ca “Workplace narratives adjacent to this have been relegated to television (there are obvious comparisons to the work-life tension in the equally horny and treacherous world of Industry) but it’s refreshing to see a story such as this self-contained within two hours. There are the odd bits of dead weight (Luke’s obsession with a self-help business guru proving a little clunky) and there’s likely to be some impassioned discussion over one particularly troubling scene in the last act, but Domont ends with a fantastic drop-the-mic moment that had the audience here at Sundance enthusiastically applauding“.

Richard Lawson de la Vanity Fair sustine ca Fair Play este destinat sa starneasca mari controverse, sa fie un punct de plecare pentru dezbateri intense, online si offline. “But I also hope that future viewers—be they watching on streaming, or in theaters, or wherever—will also appreciate the choices the movie could make but doesn’t. There’s little didacticism here. Only a handful of strained moments too-aggressively point themselves at crowd-pleasing vengeance. Fair Play is a film responsive to internet discourse but not acting in service of it. It’s a grim, dynamic thriller, one that sets workplace and home crashing into one another in a small symphony of beautiful disharmony,” adauga acesta.

Din toate aceste motive, nu e de mirare ca Netflix a achizitionat filmul pentru suma de 20 de milioane $, dupa o “batalie” intensa cu Searchlight Pictures si Neon.