photo Busy-Philipps_zps8mm0lwpe.jpgDragalasa Busy Philipps (Cougar Town) va juca in The Sackett Sisters, o noua comedie single-camera creata de Tina Fey pentru NBC.

Episodul pilot, scris de Luke Del Tredici (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), spune povestea a doua surori deloc apropiate si complet diferite, Mandy si Sutton, care comit impreuna un act public de eroism, fiind nevoite apoi sa “suporte” impreuna consecintele acestuia.

Busy Philipps va juca rolul lui Mandy, care este descrisa astfel:

“While Sutton tries to avoid the Sackett Family legacy of failure, her older sister Mandy is the living embodiment of it. She’s been married three times and arrested six. She’s never held down a job for more than a week. On the few occasions she’s found herself in a stable situation, she’s immediately figured out a way to sabotage it. Mandy is brash and cocky and likes to present herself (despite clear evidence to the contrary) as a genius who has it all figured out. Deep-down, though, she knows she’s a screw-up, like all the other Sacketts. She believes she’s destined to ruin everything she touches… so that’s exactly what she ends up doing. The one thing Mandy hasn’t ruined is her son, Mickey. She got pregnant when she was 20, and though she was, and continues to be, dangerously unprepared for motherhood, she will go to the ends of the earth to protect her kid.”

The Sackett Sisters este produs de Tina Fey, Robert Carlock si David Miner.