Lucy Liu (Why Women Kill) va fi protagonista noii drame Rosemead, bazata pe premiatul articol din Los Angeles Times, A Dying Mother’s Plan, scris de Frank Shyong.

Scris de Marilyn Fu si regizat de Eric Lin, aflat la debut, filmul spune povestea adevarata a unei imigrante de origine chineza din San Gabriel Valley (Liu), care sufera de cancer in faza terminala si care va face absolut orice pentru a-si ajuta fiul adolescent, dupa ce descopera obsesia bolnava a acestuia pentru atacurile armate.

This heartbreaking, true story shines a light on how important it is to understand all aspects of mental illness, especially in Asian societies. I’m excited to be working with Eric and Marilyn to tell a story within our shared culture, and to bring attention to the terrible stigma attached to this disease that can cause individuals and families to become ostracized in their own communities, or in this case, lose their lives,” a declarat celebra actrita.

Creating important roles for Asian women is one of my driving forces as a screenwriter. Not only do we need to see people on screen who look like us, but who feel joy, who struggle, and who confront obstacles, like us. Lucy is a pioneer in showing the power in representation, and the perfect conduit for this complicated woman,”  a adaugat Marilyn Fu.

Eric Lin a fost profund afecatat de povestea filmului, declarand ca nu a mai citit vreodata un astfel de scenariu. “It beautifully depicts how mental illness, and the shame of it, tests the fierce bonds of a Chinese immigrant family. I’m beyond excited to work with Lucy and to see her bring her fearless talent to a challenging role that we haven’t seen her take on yet.

Filmul este produs de Andrew D. Corkin (A Vigilante) si Theo James (How It Ends), alaturi de Mynette Louie (Swallow).